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The Bible

The Good

The Bible allows for spitrual enlightenment. Many followers of the Bible believe in what is called the new testement. Here, the teacher, Jesus, is known to be the son of the Almighty God. By teaching that he is the son of God and preforming miracles, he puts himself in a situation that ultimately causes him to be beaten and hung from a cross. Later, it is said that Jesus dies, however, three days later, he rises from the grave, and he goes back to teaching the people of isreal before leaving this world fourty days after his coming back. This is key for many bible believers. The belief that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, and that if you trust in him, you will have eternal life after physical death. Many other teachings and stories are in the bible, and every one has a lesson that can be learned from, along with a stong spiritual conection. Also, it is easy to find a church or other religious organization that one can visit to further pursue spiritual enlightenment.

The Bad

Some people use the Bible as a form of control. It is not news that many people have started cults that lure people in by using the Bible. Through this, many people have been abused or have even died. Along with this, many people disagree on certain things in the Bible, when interpreting. For instance, one religious leader may say that certain things are figurative, while another religious leader may say that they are literal, and as such, must be interpreted as. This can lead to disruptions in one’s spiritual life, and often leads many people to have a negative outlook on certain things pertaining to the Bible and the religions associated with it.


While the Bible has many lessons and a chance for one to experience spiritual enlightenment, there are a few downsides to the comunity of Bible belivers. If one is to properly experience the full potential the Bible, and the belief in what it says, then one must be wary of certain teachings, and research what is preached. So, all in all, the Bible as it is, is a perfect tool for a person seeking spiritual enlightenment, however, one must at the least be wary of any teacher and check the facts.

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